Learn about the benefits of charity to society and how your organization can be involved

You will discover many methods a company can get engaged in philanthropy, and they’re not restricted to donating significant amounts of money; find out how else you can provide assistance!

It is important for any successful business to understand the reasons to donate to charity and the positive impact they can have on the communities that they operate in. The company GoApe has a fantastic understanding of the necessity of giving to others, by placing the focus on supporting charities which are relevant and important to them as a company. Whether it is a non-profit charity which holds a similar vision to your business or one which may support your customers, it is a great idea to find a charity which aids a cause that is important to you. Further to this, if a company is evident about their strong link to a charity, employees will be more motivated to help out. Because of this, being transparent about the thought process behind charity work to your workforce is essential for galvanising support for the cause.

Although there are numerous methods in which a company can give to charity, one of the most renowned ones is offering grants to the local community. One example of a company doing this lately is Persimmon, who have pledged numerous grants to local sporting communities for under 18’s. Donating money to local non profit organizations comes across as more personal than choosing larger ones which you may not be as closely connected with. As your staff members are probably going to to live in or near to the location you’re providing support to, this is a fantastic incentive for staff if they know their employer is backing a cause which has a direct relation to them. This is yet another amazing reason to give back to others, as it facilitates a great atmosphere within the company, giving employees a reason to feel connected to their employers’ charity work.

Individuals commonly associate raising money with charity work, but of course there are many other approaches to giving to charities which do not include having to donate money directly. Raising awareness for certain causes can be just as, or even more beneficial than merely offering money. If awareness is raised effectively, there’s a bigger opportunity of greater numbers of people assisting the cause as a knock-on effect from this. Raising awareness for mental health is an approach which has been adopted by Capita, who encourage their staff to discuss this matter and offer support where it's necessary. By starting a campaign to raise awareness for a worthy cause internally is a good way to begin, as this snowballs into more people discussing it outside of work in various circles. If you understand that being charitable entails so much more than paying huge amounts of money to non profit organizations, it opens the door to endless opportunities for your company to help publicize important causes.

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